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5 Steps to Plan The Perfect Surprise Wedding Proposal!

If you are here means your are thinking about it!

Marriage is a beautiful journey two people embark on for the rest of their lives. However,  is incomplete without a proper proposal, and this is where things get challenging

A proposal is a way of expressing your undying love for the other person. Even if you are not too expressive with your emotions usually, a proposal is your chance to let your partner your feelings. Letting your significant other see the vulnerable side makes them more adamant about marrying you. 

We know it can be difficult to pop the question when you are unaware of what works for a proposal. Don’t worry, here is our process of how to plan a proposal you can follow for a perfect proposal! 


We also know that planning yourself a marriage proposal in a logistically complicated city like Venice can become a nightmare if you don’t know exactly how to do it. That’s why we are here for you!

1. Make Sure You’re on the Same Page

This is one of the most important parts of thinking of proposing. Let’s look at the things that ensure you are in sync with your partner. 

  • You Have Discussed Marriage: Before preparing for the proposal, you need to be sure that the other person will say ‘YES’ and wants to be together as well. If you haven’t had a discussion earlier, try to make one to know their opinions on the topic discreetly.  

  • Chat with Their Parents: This may feel like an old-school thing to do but trust us, talking to their parents before popping the question gets you in the good books immediately. This will show how considerate and serious you are about your partner. 


2. Find the Budget for the Dream Proposal

The budget decides what you can do and where you should draw the line. Some people like small things while others enjoy extravagance, so the budget needs to be your top priority in the whole process. 

Here are some things you need to plan a budget for. 

  • Travel: Travelling to Venice for a proposal is a dream come true because of the scenic views and a romantic environment. A Venice proposal will add charm to your special day. Plan a budget for the travel, so you don’t have to worry last minute. 
  • Ring: Ring is THE most significant thing about the proposal, and we all know how expensive they can get. Preparing to buy a ring takes time, and you need to have the budget ready for it. 
  • Proposal: The proposal itself needs preparation which means more budget allocation is required. The best option is to hire a proposal planner in Venice (Italy) because they know what they are doing. 

3. Hire a Proposal Planner – US!

Proposal planning is our forte, and we know what you are looking for. If you plan everything yourself, it will cost you a fortune (in time, money, and stress!) but hiring a proposal planner will make things easier.

We guarantee custom and luxury proposal planning and experience. So, no stress for you, we help you to relax and enjoy the experience. 

  • Design & Styling: We understand a couple’s personality and design the proposal according to it.
  • Planning: Qualified professionals plan everything.
  • Décor: You will get decorations as beautiful and perfect as your partner.
  • Music: Propose to the serenading music of love and romance.
  • Ring: We will help to create or choose the most beautiful ring for your partner.

4. Buy an Engagement Ring

The engagement ring is the defining aspect of a proposal.  You have to start thinking as your partner and channel their choices. As proposal planners, it is our responsibility to make things perfect. We can help you with that as we work with some artisans that can make a custom, unique engagement ring. A few things to remember… 

  • Get the size of your partner’s ring before making a purchase.
  • Have a figure in your mind that you are willing to spend.
  • Know what kind of stones and style the partner may like. 


5. Get Ready for the Big Moment

We know this can be a nerve-wracking experience, and you may get nervous, but in the end, you have to get ready and pop the question that will bring the two of you together forever. 

  • Rehearse what you want to say to your partner during the proposal 
  • Get dressed according to the proposal design and theme 
  • Keep yourself confident to come across as “SURE” to your partner. 



Enjoy it!!