Signs Your Engagement is Right around the Corner

Have you suddenly noticed a change in your partner’s behavior towards you or how they generally used to be? Do you think they might be hiding something from you or their actions are suspicious enough to question things? 

Well, if you are disturbed by all these signs, you shouldn’t be. Its human nature to always think the negative things first, but if your partner is showing some change, a proposal might be right around the corner. Yes, there are chances you are getting engaged, and your partner is sneaking behind your back to get things done. Here are some signs you should look out for which indicate that your engagement is very near. 


1. They are Hiding their Phone 

This can be alarming if your partner typically doesn’t hide their phone from you, and you know their passwords. When the engagement is on the cards, they carry out all the preparations through their phone. Planning for a proposal theme, talking to your family, managing the decorations, among other things, are all discussed over the phone

So, if your partner is hiding their phone, don’t automatically assume negative things. 

2. Planning a Foreign Trip 

If you guys are not frequent travelers or your partner suddenly starts planning a foreign trip, signs are you are getting proposed. European countries are a hot spot for proposals, and if you are traveling to Venice, chances are you are getting a Venice proposal

3. Your Ring is Missing 

If you have a ring missing from your jewelry collection, then the signs are pretty evident. If your partner randomly asks for your ring size or what type of ring you would like to have, you should tell them everything truthfully because they are getting a ring made for you. 

4. Saving Money Becomes a Priority 

This step is an obvious giveaway for people who are not that big into the savings area. If you notice they have suddenly cut down on their expenses or have started searching for saving opportunities, then there might be a proposal coming your way soon enough. We all know how expensive weddings are and saving up money is the first step towards it. 

5. Your Friends or Family Booked a Salon Appointment 

Everybody wants to look extravagant on their engagement, but if you are don’t know anything about the proposal, how can you make an effort to look good? So if your family or friends have made a salon appointment for a manicure-pedicure along with some facial treatments, then chances are they know something you are not aware of.

6. Talking about the Future is Your Partner’s New Favorite Thing 

Being suddenly too chatty about your future together is a sign that your engagement is right around the corner. By talking about the future, your partner wants to know how you feel about it. They want to know what your thoughts about a future together are and if you would like it. They are just making sure that you will say yes to their proposal.